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What Is the Salary Of A Chef?

This is step 12 in your multi-part online course about how to become a chef.

At this point, we answer an all important question: What about the money?

There is plenty of money to be made in the culinary industry. Of course, much of this depends on the area and the type of establishment that you work in.

Naturally a busier area will bring in pretty good money.

For example, the responsibilities and job of a pastry chef are truly very interesting wherein they put in their best creativity to come up with outstanding recipes for the finest pastries and desserts. Know more about pastry chef salary and job description of pastry chef on salaryidea website. Know more about pastry chef job profile, roles and sample profile.

The best places to work in are expensive hotels and restaurants. Here is a quick breakdown of the money that you can make that will depend on your position.

Head Chefs and Cooks: You can make anywhere from $7.39-$22.77 hourly to start.

To be more specific; if you are working in recreation services you can make $16.50 an hour; hotels and motels are $15.78 per hour, and eating and drinking places around $11.03 an hour to start.

Restaurant Cooks: You can make anywhere from $8.33-$13.43 an hour to start.

If you work in recreational services you can make $9.65 and hour, hotels and motels; $9.97 hourly; eating and drinking places; $8.57 hourly to start.

Short Order Cooks: You can make anywhere from $6.32-$10.83 hourly to start.

If you work in Hotels and Motels; $8.44, recreation services and other miscellaneous places; $7.94, eating and drinking places; $7.57, Gas stations etc; $6.87, and grocery stores; $6.60 hourly to start.

Cafeteria Cooks: you can make anywhere from $6.70-$12.53 hourly to start.

In schools you can make $7.65; Nursing homes; $8.50; Hospitals $9.37; child care services $7.52 hourly to start.

Please note that these are the starting hourly rates for the cook who is trying to get experience. You can expect your pay to increase as your experience grows.

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