how to be a chef

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How Do I Start My Chef Training?

This is step 13 in your multi-part online course about how to become a chef.

Alright then, how do I start?

As I stated before, you must go to school if you are hoping to become a head chef or executive chef.

There are many avenues that you could chose when deciding where or how you would like to get your training. It really just depends on what kind of credentials you are hoping to get.

There are a few places that you can go to get your training. You can choose colleges or universities, trade or vocational schools and an apprenticeship.

To become an executive chef who can work anywhere in the world, you generally need an apprenticeship and some credited work behind you.

Here are the real differences in all of these choices so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

Accredited Colleges, Universities & Culinary Academies

Going to a 2-4 year college in order to become a certified chef is the best place to start if you are hoping to be accredited nationwide.

College courses offer you a more rounded view of the culinary industry and give you much of the skills that you will need in order to excel at your field.

Employers at finer restaurants are more eager to hire an accredited chef who has a college degree in the field, than a graduate from a trade school. This is also a great way to know that you are accredited all over the world as well.

Trade schools may not necessarily grant you the same promise. Naturally, there are some pros and cons to choosing to get your certification from a college or university. We will take a look at them in the next step.

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