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Is On-Site Chef Training Worth It? And What About Learning to Become a Chef Online?

OK, let's start this 16th step of your course about how to become a top chef by discussing On-Site Training...


On-site training is basically when an employer trains you to be a chef in their establishment. The best thing about this type of training is that you generally get paid to do it.

The down side to this however, is that you are only trained to work for them and you are not accredited. This means that you will not be a certified chef. You will not be recognized in the field as a chef either.

Another bad point to this type of training is that if you lose your job, you are back to where you started.

Training on-site doesn’t make you a chef, it makes you a cook. Without your chef certification, you are not eligible for a chef’s wages either. As a cook, you will earn a cook’s salary.

A benefit to this type of training is that you will already have a job waiting for you that could elevate you to the pay of a head chef eventually, without having to do all of the studying for it.

Just be aware that trying to change locations will not be a good idea unless you already have a position lined up.

Training on-site can give you plenty of hours in the culinary field if you happen to live in a state that requires a certain number of hours of experience before starting the certification process.

Online Training

These days, just about every profession on the market has courses that you can take online. Some of the courses claim to make you accredited, but be very careful and research it thoroughly before parting with any money.

Some of these courses can be as cheap as $19.99, which is an obvious bargain. But you must remember that you will almost always need to pay in advance and if you are not satisfied, it might be difficult to get your money back.

Of course you must consider that online Internet courses can’t really be of any use. You simply can’t use an online course manual to learn how to be a chef. You don’t get the obvious benefits of hands-on learning, and there is nobody available to help you if you have any problems.

You don’t really have a way to know if you are even preparing meals properly, or I they’ve turned out right. You might have better luck just reading a cookbook for your qualifications.

Online courses just don’t cut the mustard as far as teaching you to become a real chef. Without a real teacher there to help you along the way, you will not learn anything that you can really use in the work force.

All an online course can do is to provide you the basics. It can’t really help you to obtain your credentials and certainly not the kind of credentials that will be nationally accredited.

All in all, this is a case where you will get exactly what you pay for, so let the buyer beware.

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